About Us

Oak Tree Hospital is the only long term acute care hospital in southeastern Kentucky. Our presence in this area will provide convenience and peace of mind to family members of acutely ill patients. Oak Tree applies a team approach to every aspect of patient care. All patient treatments are designed around one goal: to restore functional status and qualify of life.


7 Bed ICU

  Oak Tree Hospital also has a 7 bed ICU, which utilizes “best clinical/research practice” methods, for the management of critically ill patients. Our effort is to provide multidisciplinary, high-quality care to patients and communicate closely with the family during their stay in the ICU. The ICU Medical Director is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Pulmonology, and is readily available for consultation with staff. Our ability to treat the more medically complex cases is enhanced by 27 different physician specialists, ranging from
anesthesiology to urology. The ICU staff consists of RN’s that have successfully completed critical care courses, as well as ACLS. Over 40% of the therapist in the Respiratory department are registered. With a staffing ratio of 2:1, these disciplines work diligently together to maintain an 86% ventilator wean rate. Other specialized care includes, but not limited to: Cardio-vascular hemody-namic monitoring and stability, sepsis/multi-system failure, chemotherapy, complex orthopedic and ab-dominal surgeries, and wound care complications.